& analytics

The 2,000+ reports we have generated till now prove we don't go blindly into the fray. Digital brand campaigns conceptualized and executed by us are powered by in-depth Research & Analytics. Pre-campaign brand and digital landscape research is carried out by an expert team of social ninjas, who leverage industry leading tools such as Sprinkler, Engage Sciences, radian6 and Meltwater.

Research insights then power targeted social media analytics that monitor digital campaigns through Real-Time Listening and analytics, Trend Reports and Campaign Buzz Analysis.

  • Know Your Customer - Gauge your customers’ perception and sentiment towards your brand.
  • Weigh the Competition - In-depth competitor analysis to keep you one step ahead.
  • Customer Behavior Analysis - Study customer online behavior patterns to make informed product decisions.
  • Campaign Analysis - Analyse past campaigns to empower your present ones.