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Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation determines how your customers perceive your brand or service. While social media allows you to get in touch with your customers instantly, it is a two-edged sword. Customers often resort to social media to voice their love (or hate) for brands, reaching out to them for product/service information, troubleshooting, show brand love or to complain. Most important of all, social media has emerged as an effective customer service tool.

Online Reputation Management harnesses the power of social media to enable positive interactions with customers and give a stellar customer service in the process.

  • Give your brand page a persona - Delight your fans with personalised communication, interact with them as a friend
  • Proactive listening & response - Make your fans feel important, by being there when they need you the most
  • Brand page Management - Turn your brand’s social media page into a potent customer happiness center