PepsiCo India’s diverse portfolio includes iconic brands like Pepsi, Lay’s, Kurkure, Tropicana 100%, Gatorade and Quaker.

Establish the uniqueness and nutrition credentials of the product in a cluttered dairy industry, dominated by established flavoured milk options.

PepsiCo India’s foray into the dairy segment needed to be done in a manner that communicated the increased business focus on the nutrition category, articulated the product benefits (that it’s a grain dairy product) and the association with a celebrity who’s the ‘co-creator’ of this product - Sachin Tendulkar.

Identified Objectives:

  • Communicate PepsiCo India’s increasing focus on nutrition.

  • Highlight Quaker Oats + Milk as a value-added dairy (not just dairy) product.

  • Showcase Quaker India's association with Indian sports icon Sachin Tendulkar.


The Strategy:

A big ticket experiential launch event in Mumbai, with PepsiCo’s India Region CEO, head of nutrition business and our celebrity co-creator Sachin Tendulkar.

  • 100+ attendees including prominent food & lifestyle bloggers and influencers, consumer media that created a groundswell of conversations targeted at the millennial consumer.

  • Conversations were driven around how Quaker Oats+Milk has been designed as a convenient on-the-go solution to enhance morning nutrition for young Indians leading a rushed lifestyle.

  • Established the fact that Quaker Oats+Milk is an innovation that uses PepsiCo’s patented ‘SoluOats’ technology to blend the goodness of milk with the advantages of fibre and oats, whilst retaining a smooth, milky texture.


Leveraged World Milk Day by sending a box of Quaker Oats+Milk and a personalized letter from Sachin Tendulkar to 70+ social media influencers across the country, creating high decibel buzz around the product in the ‘milk’ space where well established players are dominant.

In 2001, the FAO declared World Milk Day to take place every June 1 to mark the importance of dairy and its benefits of milk for our lives.

The Global Campaign - Whether milk is a breakfast drink that goes with your porridge or tea in the morning or is celebrated in a glass on its own, we encourage you to “Raise a Glass”. This universal gesture of celebration lies at the heart of all communities.

The central thought – Raise a Glass this World Milk Day with Quaker Oats + Milk. An absolute punch of nutrition with fiber, calcium & milk!

We generated a big spike of conversations around:

  • How calcium makes your teeth, bones & spinal cord stronger & healthier, milk can supply you sufficient calcium.

  • Celebrate milk day this year with a healthy glass of Quaker oats and milk.

  • Quaker oats and milk every morning, can help your kid become the next sachin.

  • Influencers Engaged


  • Social Media Reach

    23.6 million

  • Social Media Impressions

    89 million

  • Positive Commentary


  • Twitter Trending

    Twice Within Month of Launch