NourishCo, a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages Limited and PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited is keenly focused on enhancing the hydration category in India. They came up with Himalayan Orchard Pure, a new line of drinking water available in 3 natural flavours: Peach, Strawberry & Apple. The bottled were sourced at Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh (same as Himalayan).

NourishCo wanted to:

  • Increase awareness for Himalayan Orchard Pure

  • Leveraging the association with Masaba Gupta, to characterise Himalayan Orchard Pure as a lifestyle accessory

  • Bring to life, the proposition of naturally flavored Himalayan Orchard Pure water

  • Strategy

    • Step into the orchards with Himalayan – Overarching Message
    • Phase wise Communication Approach
    • Cued in with teasers #FlavoringDelhi - something is coming soon that's about Himalayan Water and fruit flavors
    • Launched Himalayan Orchard Pure in three flavors
    • Drove inspiration for Masaba’s collection – #EscapetotheOrchards
    • That led to conversations around the inspiration, 100% natural flavours with Himalayan in the context of #EscapetotheOrchards
    • Revealed the creation inspired by Himalayan #EscapetotheOrchards

  • Campaign Duration

    7 weeks

  • Key Platforms

    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Total Unique Posts


  • Total Buzz


  • Total Interactions


  • Total Reach

    15.2 Million

  • Total Impressions

    11.3 Million