What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “consumers”? They have an opinion and they have the power to voice it!


If you are a brand, be it any category with real people using your products, you got to understand that when consumers decide to spend that buck on your brand, there is a lot involved! They are proud of their decision and they would go to any extent to back your brand. But the flip side is; if they don’t get the experience you promised, they are going to come after you.


Imagine buying a business class ticket and getting an economy experience. Or opting for that perfect deal, that turns out to be a disaster.


We at Bloggers’ Mind team up with brands, organizations, communities & entrepreneurs to help gauge the pulse of consumers, build campaigns, engage consumers effectively and measure more effectively.


We are a “digital lab” and we function like a factory. From taking the brief, to building the plan, to launching the campaign, to amplifying it across networks to generating real time intelligence & reports.


We are a digital analytics & word of mouth marketing company with expertise in social media, digital marketing, advocacy and Public Relations.


Where is digital marketing today?
92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends/peers more than any form of advertising and 70% of consumers refer to online reviews before making a purchase decision.

81% of consumers are influenced by their friend’s social posts 26% of the population influence purchasing activities of the other 76%


With a tornado of conversations storming the web in real time and the growing media consumption on multiple screens, brands need to have an always on,platform wise, location wise real time approach.

Our services in summary